Home Run Shrub

Of Rose Gardens and Lakes Simply Norma

Home Run™ roses are highly disease resistant to black spot, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. Great for mass plantings, Home Run™ Red produces 3.5' to 4' tall and wide shrubs that may be pruned to shape in early spring.

The newest variety in the Home Run Series, Watercolors Home Run Shrub Rose produces huge clusters of flowers in a rainbow of colors. It's easy to grow and disease resistant.

When you got something as good as Home Run, it's a great surprise to discover a match. That's the excitement we felt when we found one lone branch on the famous red Shrub that had sported (mutated) to produce pink blossoms. Ms. Pink is just like Mr. Red—identical in every way except for the flower color.

Home Run® Pink Rose Rosa 'WEKPhorn' Plant Patent #22,856. Sku #7748. This superb landscape rose offers continuous bloom, black spot and mildew resistance and heat tolerance - all with vivid, rich pink flowers! It is early to flower, producing new blooms daily making it a colorful choice for

About Home Run Shrub Rose. Flame-red blooms cover this shrub rose all summer long. It is related to the Knock-out series so it is nearly disease-free and easy to grow. Add to borders and cottage gardens or use it as a great low hedge.

Home Run- Shrub Rose Home Run- Shrub Rose . Description. Name: Home Run- Shrub Rose Latin Name : Rosa landscape shrub Width : 24-36 in. Height : 24-36 in. Zone : 3-9 Soil : Well Drained Light conditions : Sun Water : Average < Prev Next > Share this product.

Of Rose Gardens and Lakes Simply Norma
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