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Morocco's Capital To Have Highest Bridge In Africa

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Rabat - The Rabat Bouregreg Tower construction contract, a BMCE Bank of Africa project, was signed Thursday, July 20 in Casablanca. Standing 250 meters high, with 55 floors, and covering an area of

The cost of the project is estimated at 1.35 Billion Moroccan Dirhams (120 Million Euros). The Grand Theatre will be located in the Bouregreg Valley, a 6,000 ha area in the heart of the Moroccan capital, home to one of the largest developments in the country.

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Rabat - Morocco is studying a cable car project to link Morocco's twin cities of Rabat and Sale.. Mohamed Sadiki, Mayor of Rabat received Kader Hassan, the central investment officer of the

The Mohammed VI Tower will form the high point in the Bouregreg Valley Development Project, which in turn is a leading part of the programme for Rabat, the City of Light, the Moroccan Capital of Culture. This comprises major structural urban initiatives, including the Grand Théâtre de Rabat and the House of Arts and Culture.

Morocco's Capital To Have Highest Bridge In Africa
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