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Child Pugh Score Medical professionalism Lab values

Scores range from 0 to 24. An increase in SOFA of ≥ 2 is used to signify organ dysfunction in Sepsis-3 definition. A cut-off of 2 or more SOFA points captured 68% of decedents outside the ICU and 98% of decedents in the ICU 12 Quick SOFA (qSOFA) criteria

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The qSOFA score (also known as quickSOFA) is a bedside prompt that may identify patients with suspected infection who are at greater risk for a poor outcome outside the intensive care unit (ICU). It uses three criteria, assigning one point for low blood pressure (SBP≤100 mmHg), high respiratory rate (≥22 breaths per min), or altered mentation (Glasgow coma scale 15).

Nor was there a statistically significant benefit in patients with high levels of the fungal marker (1-3)-β-D-glucan (i.e., a high burden of Candida colonization) or high SOFA organ failure scores. However, empiric micafungin did result in fewer invasive fungal infections (3% vs 12% with placebo), which was statistically significant.

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Child Pugh Score Medical professionalism Lab values
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